Career Objective

I know it seems crazy, but I'm on the lookout for a team of Developers that share the same passion for creating great applications using the latest code technologies in a project based environment.

Skills & Expertise

Even though my love for programming came from building Windows applications in Visual Basic, I found that my true passion was actually found in data manipulation and delivery. I do enjoy UX design, but application building and problem solving is where I really shine.


  • PHP
  • HTML 5
  • WordPress
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • Apache Web Server
  • MySQL


  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap / Responsive Web Design
  • UX Design
  • Branding & Identity
  • Photoshop
  • Lightsaber Skills
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Education & Employment

  • Graduated from ITT Tech - Richardson
    Software Applications and Programming

    The now defunct private college that brought hope for the hopeless, actually at one time had a pretty decent education program. Despite having the trendy Java shoved down my throat, ITT pushed and strengthened my ability to learn new concepts quickly. When I first started attending, I intended to get a degree in Electronic Engineering, but after taking one programming class, I fell in love with writing code. After learning the fun, yet now useless, Visual Basic, the heavy weight Java, and the power house C++, I left ITT Tech confident and ambitious about my future career as a programmer.

  • Development / Technical Support / Project Manager
    dataVoice International

    While attending school, it would've been very typical to go back to Chili's and play an obsessive amount of Halo 2 online, but instead I was extremely fortunate to find work in my same field of study. At dataVoice, I not only had a great job supporting the software, I also had access to several Senior level developers that helped train and mentor me through and past my years at school. It was here that I began to forge the foundation of my programming background, and even here now 10 years later, I still use some of those very same paradigms I was taught back then.

  • Webmaster / Developer
    Daystar Television Network

    From front-end WordPress design to the development and deployment of our custom giving platform, there are no limits to what I am responsible for. If it goes out on the internet, it's under my umbrella. Originally contracted to handle a couple 3rd party integrations, since then, I've gone on to build and manage over 15 websites and build countless integrations.

  • Software Developer
    IBM Hybrid Cloud

    At IBM, I use design documentation, such as Functional Programming Specifications and high level design documents to implement the identified components. I also ensure that the implemented components are unit tested and ready to be integrated into the product. I also provide fixes to defects identified by the verification team during the software development life cycle.

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Whenever possible, I Always Love to Use the Best, Latest and Greatest Technologies Available When Building My Projects